Why Is Starting School Bad

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Is Starting School Early Good or Bad?
Do you ever get up early in the morning and have to go to school? Have you ever fallen asleep in class, or gained unusual weight from not having enough exercise? Over 37% of the children Population don’t get enough sleep do to Early starting schools, and over 1 out of 3 children are obese in the USA due to not having time to rest, and being lazy because of their sleeping problems. This can be a major defect for the student body, and could have a terrible effect on teachers and schools worldwide.
A negative of starting school too early is students will not get the sleep and rest they need. Starting school too early has been the number one cause of students not getting enough sleep. Many researchers say that a lot of schools start around 9:00 to 9:45, but over 40% of them start at 7:30 to 8:00 which is not good for sleep purposes. How we can prevent this is we can start school
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Starting school will allow students to get the education and extracurricular activities they need. The believe this because they think that starting school early will allow them to let kids out earlier. This gives the students down time and the teachers down time to be able to do what they need or want to do. These are just some simple reasons why starting school early hurts children and teens in the long run.
In conclusion Making school start early for children and teens is not the way to go. If we as a whole start school too early we will prevent the children and teens from getting the sleep they need. By starting school too early the children and teens will eventually start falling asleep in class and therefore they will start losing information that they will need because they will be sleep and exhausted because of the lack of sleep. By starting school later on we can help children and teens around the world get the education, activities and sleep they
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