Why Is Stealing Important

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1. Someone’s stealing something important, such as government information or just a huge amount of money.

2. Someone ends up as a possession because he/she has discovered some important and dangerous valuables, which leads to trouble.

3. Rivals, enemies, or just seemingly incompatible people join to take down a dangerous guy or reach some other goal.

4. A team is on a mission, but one person turns on the others or organizes a mutiny.

5. Through technology and other means, someone’s identity is wiped out or assumed by another person.

6. A damaging secret letter or video is made public, and the heroine must deal with the aftermath.

7. A person in the wrong place at the wrong time becomes an accessory or a witness to a terrible crime, putting him in danger.

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Strange events lead our hero to believe that everyone in this seemingly nice family, company, or town is hiding some secret.

9. Someone has killed herself, but our heroine is positive it was a murder.

10. Our hero is sure someone’s been wrongfully accused or convicted of a crime and searches for the real

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