Why Is The New Deal Successful

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Why would a country let its own stock market crash, plunging itself towards the worst economic turndown yet. The Great Depression was the deepest economic downturn in the history of the western industrialized world. The stock market has just crashed leaving many people to become poor and drop to the lower class. Once President Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1933, he created something which is called the new deal. In April, the president created the Works Progress Administration (WPA) providing jobs to the unemployed. This essay will show as to why the new deal wasn’t a success with good, creditable research. The new deal wasn’t successful because of discrimination, poverty, and of the unemployment statis being high during the new deal. The new deal wasn’t successful because of discrimination. Blacks were still treated differently at this time. “Most New Deal programs discriminated against blacks.” (online textbook 1). The National Recovery Administration (NRA) let whites to have the first crack at jobs and made the blacks have a lower salary than the whites. The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) didn’t let blacks live within whites neighborhoods and the Social Security Act (SSA) took away jobs that blacks would usually do. “Since 40 percent of all blacks workers …show more content…

Discrimination was used in the new deal against blacks let whites have an advantage, poverty killed many people and let them lose hope. The unemployment statis increased during the new deal helping no one which let to both discrimination and poverty. People may not think it’s important today because it was a thing in the past and we should just forget it but 9/11 was a thing in the past right so why don’t we forget that? Because it’s history, something we should always remember. Many died during the great depression and it was all because the new deal didn’t

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