Why Is The Sky Blue?

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In our society, we tend to solely rely on the knowledge that experts express and religiously follow them. It is quite evident as we tend to categorize these individuals, for example a person who is a historian will not be asked the question "why is the sky blue" nor would we think it is appropriate to ask him. Looking at the prescribed title, the terms access, facts and experts are too ambiguous in their nature. To define them, access indicates the experts’ ability to use such as the Internet for answers, fact are ideas that are considered indisputable which everyone agrees upon, disagreement is when two or more interpretations clash against each other and experts are people who have conducted research to gain more insight in their …show more content…

However, not all the errors can be associated to the systematic errors made by the experts, the researcher 's hypothesis and predictions they made before the experiment that might influence them as they try to pick certain evidence to support their claims and become victims of conformational bias. For example, in biology class I learned that the evolution theories of gradualism in which species evolve gradually and punctuated equilibrium in which species evolve sporadically due to certain events such as natural disasters. Both theories use the fossil record to support their side, again taking only certain fossils that clearly shows support their respective sides such as long periods of no significant change in species supports punctuated equilibrium. Sometimes, the evidence itself is not enough to give rise to such theories as it is known that the fossil record is incomplete and lends way to further interpretation and disagreement. Similarly, in history where numerous accounts of events are often based on eye-witnesses for what had occurred in the past. It is known that the reliability of eye-witnesses is inherently inaccurate especially to the biases that they encounter. For example, President Trump 's immigrations laws differs in how he wants to limit immigration however, his

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