Why It Is Important To Keep A Pathology Laboratory

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Specialist laboratories A pathology laboratory is a type of lab which specialises in medical science which concerns the examination of organs, blood and bodily fluids in order to make the diagnosis of disease. The main branches of pathology are clinical pathology, anatomical pathology. This type of lab takes privacy very seriously; whether its data of an examination or personal data of patients, they will routinely analyse various pieces of personal data and they’re legally required to securely store and transmit electronic patient data. The information in relation to analysis and examinations will likely be stored on documents on a PC, yet patients have personal paper files which the pathologists will also handle and will have to handle the folders and store safely in a secure filing cabinet. I think the pathology laboratory will assess its information very frequently as material will change constantly so documents will have to be updated. I think it’s important to keep this type of pathology data stored as its involves people health and its very effective in diagnosing …show more content…

Forensic labs contain many bits of information, personal information and evidence will be stored on a PC because it’s safer and more practical. Whereas forensic material such as bodily parts will have to be stored within a refrigerated room which keeps the parts safe. The information on the PC will be update when concluding an investigation or when anything important changes, yet the actual forensic material will be used more frequently as these need to be assessed and examined. It’s extremely important to keep this information stored effectively as it connects to crime scene investigation as involves personal data and forensic material which needs to be kept

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