Why Not Community College? Essay

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Although 2010 was not by definition, a recession year, it certainly felt like one. The growth of the economy was stifled, unemployment was stagnated at a little less than ten percent and interest rates and inflation were at near depression levels by year’s end. The state of the economy unequivocally influences tax collections and budgets, which in turn determines the financial prosperity of higher education, especially in the public sector. The two main sources of revenue for public colleges and universities are state appropriations and tuition. Generally, as cuts to higher education appropriations occur, campuses respond by boosting tuitions even higher. Yet, regardless of the size of the budget cuts, college and university tuitions …show more content…
For the fall semester of 2011, the two largest universities in Florida, University of Central Florida and University of Florida, intended on augmenting tuition costs 15%. For a student anticipating enrollment at the University of Central Florida, “that would mean an extra $17 per credit hour — or more than $300 more a semester for an 18-hour course load” (Balona).
Consequently, the absurd college and university tuition hikes have forced many prospective college bound students to shift gears on the journey to receiving their degree. In fact, many students have opted to start their college careers at a community college. Community colleges are designed to serve as a connection from high school to college by providing courses that are transferable to colleges or universities offering a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree and are generally more cost efficient. CNN Money journalist, Kim Clark reports that, “While community college tuition posted a sharp 8.7% gain, it's still a bargain: only about $3,000 a year for full-time tuition” (Clark). Clark also suggests that due to recent increases in federal grants and tax benefits, the average total aid was raised above the average tuition price of community colleges, therefore, “the typical community college student got the cost of
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