Why Obesity Has Its Roots

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For years, during the progression of human history, many areas of the populated world have lived “one bad harvest” away from mass famine and death. Even in times of prosperity previous to the rapid rise in obesity in this country, the populace still consumed nourishment at reasonable rates. But a major contributing point actually lowers the credibility of the argument that obesity has its roots in the economical aspect, food is cheaper and in more abundance that in the past thanks to global trade markets and greater competition within those markets. The reasoning behind the belief that the lower economic classes have limited access to more nutritious foods is becoming more baseless. Here lies an irrational logic behind the economic reasoning of why such a high percentage of the Tennessee population is overweight or obese. The belief that quality of food substances and their ingredients vary based on where they are purchased is almost irrelevant to the argument. A tomato purchased at lower priced retail establishment has the same calorie count as one purchased in high-end food outlet and the same logic applies to other items of similar nature as well. Statistically, the argument for obesity rates being higher in those who have lower incomes can be seen as rationale since nationwide, one-third of those who earn lean that $15,000 a year are considered obese in comparison to only one-quarter of those that make over $50,000 a year are obese. But the same rationality for the
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