Why Or Not Parents Should Be Allowed? Manipulate The Genes Of Their Embryos?

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Gattaca Paper (Discuss whether or not parents should be allowed to manipulate the genes of their embryos to give potentially "good" traits, and get rid of "bad" traits). “Life would enter a new phase, one in which we seize the control of our own evolution”. Gregory Stock. I think that this one quote states it all; I think parents or anyone of that matter should not have that clout to decide on manipulating their child’s genes’. Medical technologies do not see Mother Nature as benign, and they’re by their very existence interfering with nature. With that being said I think inheritance is like a game of craps.
Bad traits. I think that it’s unsafe to do. I know in recent years, there have been multiple deaths due the mishaps in genetic engineering. The viral instruments that are used to have the DNA into the cell may cause some lethal immune responses or even tumors. While this argument may be valid today, it is probably a technical problem or a DNA issue that will eventually be circumvented. Another safety argument is that when transgenes are inserted into the genome, they may disrupt functional genes and cause mutations. Now we do not know yet what such genetic technology will be used for. It could be curing lethal diseases; which is a good idea, and most certainly there are very few people who would be against curing lethal genetic diseases. Genetic engineering assumes that scientists know which traits are good

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