FBI Agent Jason Gideon: Intellectual Profiler

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My hero is FBI Agent Jason Gideon from the netflix series Criminal Minds. Agent Gideon is a very intellectual profiler. A profiler is a someone who deciphers what a criminal may look like, how he acts, almost every detail they can get in a limited amount of time and with the most limited amount of information they can get on the unsub. FBI agent Gideon he works in the BAU barracks in the FBI. BAU is the Behavior Analysis Unit that specializes in the Behaviors of the physiological or the mentally disturbed criminals. BAU’s leader is agent Gideon he is a perspicacious man that can figure how a criminal might act, how he relaxes, intimidated, nervous etc. Mostly how they will feel and how they will react with why and how they did it. Gideon can
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