Why Piano Music Should Not Be Allowed In Schools

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She waited outside the cramped room with her sheet music in her shaking hands. A number was called and she checked to make sure it was hers; it was. She backed away from the wall and walked in the open door. She sat on the bench, wiped her sweaty hands on her dress, and waited. Just get this over with, she thought. From personal experience, this is the scenario for many young piano students. Some students like them, but some dread it. However, these students are forced to participate in them whether they want to or not. Forcing these students to participate in these contests, such as the Minnesota Music Teachers Association and contests similar, is damaging for them. Being forced in these contests takes all the enjoyment out of playing, …show more content…

Most parents know that young children and teens do not like being forced to do something they do not want to do. They fight back and rebel against the very parents that raised them. It is just a part of growing up. Instead, these students should have the opportunity of participating in them if they wish, but if they do not, then there is no pressure. Moreover, they are not allowed to choose their own music. Music is chosen for these students by their teachers. Most of the time, the music that is chosen for them are classical pieces, especially if they are teens. From experience, most young children and teens do not enjoy playing classical pieces. If the student was able to chose their own music, along with the teacher's approval, they would enjoy being in these contests a lot more. The real question here is what happened to just playing the piano for the sake of playing the piano? Why do these young students have to be judged? Most pianists play the piano because it is fun for them and they enjoy it. These contests can take all the joy from playing the piano for some. Sometimes so much so that they find ways to avoid practising at all …show more content…

These students have more things they could be doing instead of preparing for these contests, such as sports, friends, and schoolwork. Most of the participants are involved with something other than piano, such as another instrument, sports, and school activities. One of the great benefits of being a kid is not worrying about anything besides the time they are supposed to be home for dinner. Being a kid is very stress-free compared to being a teen and older. They do not have the time or the energy to be worried and stressed over one music contest. Moreover, these contests take months to prepare for, just for one song. If someone takes the contests out, a student has so much more time to work on other songs, than just one. A student could learn many more things and concentrate on more important things in his or her life than just one

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