Why Place Matters By Wilfred Mcclay And Ted V. Mcallister

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Place Matters. In “Why Place Matters” by Wilfred M. McClay and Ted V. McAllister, the authors establish an argument of why place matters more than virtual places brought to us by technological advancements. McClay and McAllister talk about the risks as individuals and society face, when losing connection to physical space. They discuss how a feeling of “thereness” has vanished because people focus on a virtual place. Technologies around us have “absorbed our energies,” is something they mention, and it is what the satellites revolving around Earth are doing. The authors say when we move we have no emotion because we have detached ourselves very quickly from the place. McClay and McAllister reason how we all come from a place or “places” that…show more content…
The biggest memories that come to me are going to church in my hometown. Every Sunday was a special schedule. I got to wear my best clothes of the week, which was usually a dress, long socks, and a bow for my hair. Once my whole family was ready we would walk to church. On our way, my mom would often stop and talk to neighbors. Sometimes I would have to remind her that we were going to church or tell her that we were going to be late. Mass was an hour or so. After mass, my mom and dad would give me money to buy an ice cream or junk food. When I finished my ice cream, we would walk home with neighbors who lived on the same street. Walking home everybody would talk about how beautiful the ceremony was and how well the priest explained the Gospel. I loved the sense I was given by my neighbors. Comforting and belonging is what I felt when I was around them. McClay and McAllister refer to this as “anchor our memories in something more substantial than our thoughts and emotions,” which is my hometown connecting me back to my neighbors at my…show more content…
Walking home would be like a whole new adventure every day. Smelling the flowers’ fragrance that came to me from a nearby field or the stew that was cooked for dinner by the next-door neighbor. It would be fun to see my neighbor waving as I walked by. Doña Maria as we called my neighbor would always be polite enough to say good afternoon and wave. My parents taught me to always be polite and greet people as needed. When I walked to the super market, people who were outside of their house would always greet me politely, so I would do the same. To me it would be fun, but now I see it differently. I see the fact that just by being polite enough to say Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Night I can make someone’s day a lot better. Knowing where I come from is so important, I can’t imagen what it would be like if I didn’t have Manalisco. How would I become the person I am
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