Why Poor Children Are More Likely To Become Poor Readers

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Why poor children are more likely to become poor readers: the early years by Jennifer Buckingham*, Robyn Beaman and Kevin Wheldall. In this literature, they discuss low socio-economic disadvantage and poor early literacy. “Children from disadvantaged families are less likely to have experiences that encourage the development of fundamental skills for reading acquisition, specifically phonological awareness, vocabulary and oral language.” “The relationship between socio-economic disadvantage and poor reading ability is one of the most enduring problems in education. Socio-economic disadvantage is a relative concept referring to low socio-economic status, which is usually defined by income, occupation, education, or any combination of these. (Beaman, Buckingham, and Wheldall 428). This analytical proves and evaluates elements in this journal such as its claim, empirical data and its mention of opposing sides to state its effectiveness in relaying the message.…show more content…
When I think of poor children, I think of kids living in poverty having very limited amount of food, clothes, education. “The early year” describes children before pre-school. The writers claim that children from disadvantage or poor families are more likely to become poor readers, prior to them entering school. “Low quality early home literacy environments suppress children’s genetic potential, increasing the risk a child will struggle to learn to read. In addition, children from low socio-economic status backgrounds are more likely to have infant health outcomes associated with cognitive impairments, such as preterm birth and low birth weight, and are less likely to attend preschool
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