Why Sane Individuals Can Be Distinguished From Insane Individuals

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According to Ronson and Rosenhan, there is a question of whether sane individuals can be distinguished from insane individuals. They suggest that psychotherapists are too quick to label someone with a psychiatric disorder and in numerous cases they miss the mark. An inaccurate diagnosis of a mental disorder may cause a person to receive treatment they do not need, and possibly not receive the treatment that they do need. This causes countless problems for the patient, including difficulty acquiring a job, legal, personal, and social stigmas. Worse yet, Rosenhan (1973) said, “Having once been labeled schizophrenic there is nothing the pseudopatient [patient] can do to overcome the tag”.
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Although, in the end, after Tony was released, Ronson seemed to question whether Tony was indeed a psychopath or not. He states,
So I went to his tribunal. And after 14 years in Broadmoor, they let him go. They decided that he shouldn 't be held indefinitely because he scores high on a checklist that might mean that he would have a greater than average chance of recidivism. So they let him go. And outside in the corridor, he said to me, ‘You know what, Jon? Everyone 's a bit psychopathic.’ He said, ‘You are, I am. Well, obviously I am’. I said, ‘What are you going to do now?’ He said, ‘I 'm going to go to Belgium. There 's a woman there that I fancy. But she 's married, so I 'm going to have to get her split up from her husband’ (Ronson, 2012, 15:21).
Rosenhan’s article emphasizes the frequency and the seriousness of an incorrect psychiatric diagnoses. In it, he explains two well planned experiments he conducted involving pseudopatients. Rosenhan and eight pseudopatients, all showing no sign of mental illness, went to 12 different mental hospitals, all except one were admitted with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, with the only symptom being hearing a voice of the same sex saying “empty, hollow, and thug” (Rosenhan, 1973). In order to see if they would be detected as pseudopatients, as soon as they were admitted all of them returned to normal behavior.
Rosenhan (1979) states, “Despite their public ‘show’

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