Why Should Athletes Be Paid?

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Gracie was in the final round of her gymnastics competition. The judges were announcing the first place winner now. “...... in second place. And last but not least, in first place….. Gracie!!” Gracie jumped in the air as her ponytail began flopping on her head. She ran up to get her trophy. After all this, she looked around and noticed that second place, third place, fourth place, fifth place, all the way down to last place were all awarded trophies that all looked exactly the same. Every detail... the foot high structure with the stars at the top, the blue lettering spelling out “great job” in the middle, the coloring, were ALL the same. Suddenly, she did not feel as much of a winner. She wondered why the people who did not work hard, goofed around during practice, and fell more than once during their routine got the same reward as she did… the one who worked hard everyday. The one who took her preparation very seriously. The one who practiced for perfection each day. So, why should inattentive people be rewarded with the same thing as the dedicated people? Why should athletes work hard when they know that everyone will get a trophy anyway? Of course, there…show more content…
This means that kids are getting “wimpier”. For example, on C. Robert Cloninger said "All that means is that if you constantly reward a kid, you spoil them, and you don't build a capacity for them to be resilient to frustration," What Cloninger is trying to say is that after a kid gets a trophy all of the time, they will not know how to cope with losing when they are in a higher level sport. Also, they will get more upset and angry when they, for example, don't get a perfect score on a test or quiz in school. Some may say that getting these trophies can help kids self esteem. But, when they win too much they can feel like it is given to the and not try as hard. So, when children get trophies all of the time it can make them
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