Why Should Magnetic Levitation Trains be Implemented in the United States?

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Magnetic Levitation Trains
"Magnetic Levitation Trains, why should they be implemented in the United States?" Whenever individuals talk about trains, a few ideas pop into one’s mind. These include the railway tracks that provide runways for the wheels, the noise associated with them and the long heavy carriages that they pull. Utilizing the words ‘Magnetic Levitation’ in relation to trains may seem like a peculiar idea. Why? Levitation can be described as the act of raising an object upward in relation with its lightness. Trains are known to be heavy. Magnetic levitation, which is also known as Maglev, is a rail technology that utilizes a special magnetized railway track to suspend a train on a magnetic cushion so that it can move freely
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The alternating current induces a shifting magnetic field, which creates different temporary poles at timed intervals. Due to the positioning of the semiconducting magnets and creation of the different electromagnetic forces, the like pole tend to push while the unlike poles attract, therefore, causing motion in the direction dictated by the alternating current (Funk and Getsla, 2006).
Adoption of this technology in the United States of America would change the railway transportation system forever. Firstly, the Maglev trains do not produce any noise. This is because the technology does not incorporate wheels, bearings, axles and the metallic railway track (Livingston, 2011). The train is propelled by and kept on the guide way by the well-coordinated magnetic forces acting within the semiconducting magnet and the coils. This means that the noise pollution caused by trains as they move from town to town would be eliminated (McMahon and Mora, 2010).
Secondly, this technology does not cause any friction between the train and the track, therefore, allowing for smooth rides. As the train floats on the track, the friction and the unevenness of the conventional track are eliminated (Shadbolt, 2013).. This facilitates individuals to carry out various activities such as reading and working in a comfortable manner compared to the conventional trains. Adopting this technology will provide more comfort in the public transportation sector. Numerous services for
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