Why Should Sex Selection Abortions Are Morally Permissible?

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In my last response to discussion question 8, in chapter 7, I said I am one who acts more upon my commonsense. I place myself and judge moral theories more as what a utilitarian would do. I feel that some of your decisions and actions should be based on what produces the best over evil, everyone considered. As I read the case study, Aborting Daughters, I instantly answer the question, “Do you think sex-selection abortions are morally permissible?” No, I do not think they are morally permissible. Not so much because of the utilitarian’s belief, which I will get into later, but because I do think a fetus is a person. And like Kantians who believe fetuses are persons, the fetus has all the rights and due all the respect that any other person has. To abort that fetus because it’s a girl (or a boy) does not give any rights to the fetus. With that said however, that doesn’t mean I think abortions themselves are not morally permissible. I do believe in the utilitarian view that deciding to have an abortion, not based on sex-selection, but based on what outcome would produce the most good, everyone considered, is morally right. I agree that abortion is morally right if it results in overall happiness. If a young girl or really a woman at any age, similar to the example given in chapter 8, were to get pregnant out of will, such as rape, I only believe the woman should have the baby if it will produce overall happiness. If the mother truly feels having the baby will produce happiness
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