Why Should The Internment Of Nisei Be More Controversial?

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Define both Issei and Nisei. (Why would the internment of Nisei be more controversial?) Issei is a term used to describe Japanese immigrants, or those born in Japan but who have moved to America. Such people were prohibited by law from converting into naturalized Americans, despite how long they had lived in the United States. Nisei, on the other hand, defines U.S. citizens born to “Issei” parents-or Japanese immigrant parents. Nisei are more accurately called “Japanese Americans,” or referred to as “non-aliens.” The internment of Nisei would be more controversial than that of Issei because despite their Japanese descent, they are American citizens rather than immigrants. The Nisei have had no contact with the birthplace of their ancestors, which is the main point of controversy. 2. Do you think the Internment process took place because the government truly believed these people to be a threat or did mass hysteria and racial tensions fuel the government 's decision? Explain your answer. Give support from your research for your answer. It is my belief that the Internment process took place because mass hysteria and racial tensions fueled the government 's decision. Rather than selecting and relocating solely those posing a threat, such as those with criminal records or political ties, the government made a blanket decision and evacuated all peoples of Japanese descent. This was the result of a hysterical overreaction, and it was later documented that "our government had
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