Essay on Why Should We Use Pennies

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It has come to my attention of how we use our money and noticed that pennies aren't being taken seriously. I realized while standing in the checking line, people would rather use dollar bills instead of the piggy bank of pennies in their possession, not only because of limited utility, for instance, pennies are generally not accepted in vending and bulk machines, but also because the act of producing the penny cost more than the actual penny itself. So I ask myself, "Why use pennies? Should they be eliminated?" The growing debate of whether or not the penny should be eliminated from all cash transaction is, personally, futile, when they, themselves, doesn't bother to use them. It seems as if the penny is kept around today for more…show more content…
However, these people who have claimed this is unaware to the merchant technique of $9.99, which seems to be psychologically important; to keep that extra digit, $10.00, from showing up and scaring the customers away. And if we do, indeed, eliminate the penny, merchants would find another technique, for example, decrease the price to $9.95, to not increase the price an extra digit. But I say, the realistic idea and goal for eliminating pennies is because their feeble purchasing power means dealing with coins and making change to the nearest cent is an uneconomic waste of time for the nation as a whole, because majority of us are affected by it. The United States either seems to be unaware or choose to be unaware of every other nation not only eliminating pennies, but some also eliminating coins, even their neighbor Canada. It's true our past have taught us a lot and brought us here. We can't turn our backs on our past as a nation because we have to reflect back in order to move on, successfully. However, in the case of this nation, our past is in our way of moving on, the sentimental attachment to the penny will lead us astray if we hold on to it. Other countries have eliminated pennies because it's both a waste of time and money, so I suggest we do the same. Instead of eliminating the penny to make a greater use of the
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