Why Socialism? An Article by Albert Einstein

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The great scientist, Albert Einstein was one of the most extraordinary thinkers or philosophers in the history of science. He has made a huge break to through in science for mankind. In the article “why socialism?” by Einstein which was originally published in the first issue of Monthly Review in May 1949 and then published in May 1998, I have learned that this most intelligent man was for socialism and anti capitalist. I strongly believe it is a great article that would make any non believers eventually side with socialisms ideas of living. As he kept saying socialism is all about morals and ethics people have and not depending on technology but rather on what is socially accepted or seems right. There are many misconceptions about what socialism really means nowadays. Let us start with the definition, socialism is an economic system where the means of productions are publically owned and the public controls the distribution of one’s wealth. That is every factory, every farm, every manufactory, every store, and everything is owned by the public as a whole as a whole rather than private entities and it might be done democratically in places like the states. There are many different approaches to socialism, some of which will allow you to own some private properties such as your own house and others that argue even that must be publically owned. Nonetheless, anytime the word socialism is used you need to ask is what being referred to socialism? Is this

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