Essay about Why Students Chose Not to Return to College

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When a young adult decided to go to college they have a very big decision to make about what their future will hold and where their future will begin. Once the decision has been made and college has begun, new friends are made and the actions they do shape who they will become. Weekends come and go, but the decisions that are made are different for each and every individual that attends college. There are those who choose to stay on campus and spend the weekend doing things around school with new friends, others choose to go home for different reasons, such as being homesick and wanting to be with family or spending the time off of school for work to help pay for tuition, also there are the students who choose to go to other institutions …show more content…

With my research, I would like to determine what students choose to do with their weekend time. One of the factors that I did not consider was whether the school would provide their students things on the weekend to do so that they would be more willing to stay. At Kilgore College in Texas ahs done just that, Kilgore has built a lounge that is not only a safe environment for the students, but is also entertaining. The KC Student Center contains many different opportunities for students to come and blow of the pressures that accompany being a college student, some of the things in the center for students to do include pool, Ping-Pong, foosball tables, as well as many video games like the X-box 360, Nintendo Wii, and the PlayStation 3. While this center is open throughout the weeks during the school months, the weekends always see a high influx of students, from what can be gathered from the article every weekend the school host’s video game tournaments that include cash prizes to the winners. In the article what I learned was that with this center available to students not only were they more willing to stay on campus during the weekends, but they also felt safer as well as happier about the experience that they were receiving from Kilgore College during their undergraduate career at the school. While the article about downtown Bloomington, Indiana, which is the town where the University of Indiana is located, talks about how the

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