Why Students Must Learn a Foreign Langauge Essay

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Did you know that you might be bilingual? Bilingual refers to individuals who can function in more than one language. Bilingualism is a feature not just of individuals, but also societies (Introduction 1). Bilingualism has been around for a long time because traders of all kinds going to another nation and picking up some of that countries language and bringing it back with them. According to studies done by the National Center for Family Literacy and the Center for Applied Linguistics you are more likely to be bilingual at a young age then when you’re at fifty years old because when you’re young you are more impressible. Students should be required to take a foreign language because its helps you to get a better paying job, helps you …show more content…

If everyone learned another language then these barriers would not be place. Like for example ‘‘In Montreal, Canada, the method used to teach French to English-speaking children is to start school entirely in French. This method has become the example for many other schools around the world’’ (Snow and Gonzalez 1-2). Being bilingual can also help the fight against Alzheimer’s because Alzheimer’s murder brain cells. How it helps is by stimulating the cells in the brain that are connected with memory. ‘’The more often one switches back and forth, from language to language, the more stimulation it provides’’ (Wright 2). People that are not bilingual can get Alzheimer’s around their sixty years old. If you are bilingual you can get it when you’re into your seventies. How being bilingual helps is that ‘‘People with higher educational levels and who do more mental activity throughout their lives tend to have lower rates of Alzheimer’s or get it a few years later than those who don’t’’ (Wright 1). In deduction, to this I think you should to be able to answer one question. The question is what helps you get a better job, fights Alzheimer’s, and helps you later in life? If you answered that question and the answer wasn’t being bilingual or close to that answer then you may need to read the essay over again. We have answered one several problems above with only one answer kids need to study a foreign language. So by what you have read

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