Teaching Esl Students and Why It Is Important Essay

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During the 1990s the immigrant population expanded quickly and by a large amount. According to Eggen and Kauchak (2007) “experts estimate that by the year 2020 two thirds of the school population will be African American, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American. This means there will be great cultural diversity in our society and in our schools.” Educators will need to be educated on how to teach in a diverse classroom. Teachers will need to have an understanding for English-language learning children and the way they learn. All educators must be able to teach ELL students while encouraging them to continue to use their native language while learning to speak English. Teachers must also remember to try to keep all families …show more content…

After the child has finished the talking the teacher should then as him what it is he wants the teacher to know. Asking what certain words mean show the child that the teacher was listening and does not discourage him to use his native language. This will not only encourage children to speak language but it will also encourage them to participate in class discussions because they may not be as afraid to speak in their native language if they do not know the proper English word to use. In order to encourage parents and children to continue to use their native language at home educators can send home notes that are translated into their native language. Progress reports and report cards as well as notes home to the family should be translated into the native language as well. By doing this the family will feel welcome into the school community and will be a part of their child’s education simply by knowing how the child is progressing. In order to encourage parents to be involved in their child’s school and education schools could offer orientations that focus on multicultural education and how it is incorporated. Library books, articles, and videos about multicultural education should be made available to all parents and family members of the ELL students. There should also be some type of bulletin board made available to families that has notes about upcoming events, workshops, English language classes for adults,

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