Why Students Should Study Abroad Essay

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Education gives the ability and flexibility to engage in many opportunities during life. Peter Gray, a research professor and an author for Psychology Today, shares that from the beginning, education was given to children through exploring and learning from one’s own mistakes. Society today sets apart buildings, schools, and universities giving a more in depth education to children and adults instead of allowing them to learn from them and nature. Today, the many different methods of educating students include, classroom learning, homeschooling, online learning, and studying abroad. Each method uniquely shapes and teaches students differently. Studying abroad and classroom learning, especially in America, hold factors proving beneficial to those pursuing their education. One reason why students should study abroad is because of academic opportunities the experience provides. Studying abroad allows them to explore and learn from themselves; in addition to, they also learn in a traditional classroom environment. The Texas A&M Univeristy of Kingsville article, “Reasons to study abroad,” acknowledges that going overseas while unfamiliar with a country 's location, culture, and language, forces the overseas learner to adapt to their environment. This helps the learner become more independent and develop better language skills. Many employers, universities, and colleges look for these attributes when individuals apply. Colleges notice the transcripts of applicants understanding
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