Why The Government Shouldn 't Be Allowed On Unlock Anyones Iphone And Go Through Their Personal Information

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Congressman Darrel Issa, Republican representative for California’s 49th congressional district, wrote an article arguing why the Government shouldn’t be allowed to unlock anyones iPhone and go through their personal information. His intended audience was the nation as a whole and people’s worries about their personal information getting into the wrong hands. The FBI feels they should be allowed to have access to certain personal information to prevent other terrorist attacks in the future, but if apple allowed this so many other problems could arise. The main problem Darrel addresses throughout the article is whether or not apple should engineer software for the FBI to allow them to unlock the iPhone used by the terrorists responsible for the San Bernardino attack. He then brings up the fact that “the FBI cannot mandate that apple create a backdoor to override the iPhone’s encryption features without creating a dangerous precedent that could cast a long shadow over the future of how we use our phones and internet for the years to come.” The problem with the FBI asking apple for this is a much larger one than people may think. Darrel uses logos, pathos, and ethos, throughout the article to help persuade and inform his audience that what is happening is a big ordeal. He then goes into detail supporting his thesis by explaining the many problems that could possibly arise. Rhetorical Analysis The article that darrel wrote is very informative and educational for people

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