Why The Water Is Important For The Survival Of Everyone

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i. Water- Water is of the utmost importance and essential to the survival of everyone. It is the number one priority as one can die after a few days of not drinking water. I would assign 450 people working in groups of 3 to scout the island for all possible freshwater sources. In each group, there will be at least one person aged 18+ because they will most likely have the necessary education to better find freshwater sources. The other two people will be 12-50 as they will have the necessary energy go on the expedition to find the water. If no freshwater sources are found by the first day, I will devote 750 people to the task of scouting for freshwater sources and 150 people (15+) working in groups of 2 exploring other creative ways to produce water (distillation, rainwater, groundwater etc.) until we have a stable source of hydration (enough for each person to drink 1.25litres of water a day). ii. Food- Food is the next basic necessity as it provides essential nutrients for the body to function. It is also important to get a stable food source as soon as possible. This will also allow for people to have more energy in order to do tasks more efficiently. I would set up 5-15 stations scattered across the island with five 18+people in each station including one person who can identify foods that are edible and one person who excels in math and logic. I would then have 450 people working in groups of 3 to scout out the food. In each group, there will be one person that is 18+

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