Why Was Marilyn Monroe Conspiracy

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Remembered as the elegant blond red-lipped bombshell iconic singer, actress and sex symbol of the 1950s. Her talent and legacy is still carried on by her highly legendary pop painting by Andy Warhol and influential flying skirt photos. But some remember her tragic death the most. Her name was Marilyn Monroe. She was only 36 when she was found face down dead in her Los Angeles home on August 5th 1962. The official coronas report stated that Hollywood’s face had gone through a probable suicide by swallowing 40 barbiturates which caused her stomach line to haemorrhage intensely enough that she couldn’t last long enough for the ambulance to arrive. But was this the full story? Multiple voices including Clemens the first police officer in the scene …show more content…

But first of all why would Marilyn throw away her picture perfect American dream? Furthermore why would people lie about someone’s catastrophic death? The answer is twisted. Marilyn’s death remains an unsolved puzzle convincing scientific and medical evidence state none of the barbiturates were found in her stomach or bloodstream instead they were found in her liver this indicates that the barbiturates had been inserted in her rectum. The morality of the government and her peers create many doubtful questions as well. It has been more than five decades since this incident which means that conspiracy theorists have dug out even more inescapable conspiracy theories.
Morality is when your senses tell you what is wrong and right. But can that word describe Marilyn’s surroundings? One theory …show more content…

It was not worded out to the public but almost everyone knew for certain that Marilyn had affairs with both John and Robert Kennedy. Apparently Robert Kennedy told Marilyn that he would never marry her this brought deep depression into Marilyn’s life which lead to her threatening to come out with the affairs with him and his brother which she had kept track in a diary. The Kennedy’s repeatedly demanded Marilyn to live them alone and give in her diary which Marilyn denied to do. Robert felt dethroned and anguished so he told Greenson who apparently also had an affair with Marilyn that she was going to tell the public about their affair as well. Greenson didn’t want his reputation to fade so he agreed to help Robert. Then moments later the pair who was accompanied by two body guards and Peter Lawford barged into Marilyn’s house. Marilyn was unable to defend herself since one of the guards had injected nembutal to calm her down this however made her collapse on the floor. One bodyguard tore her clothes then injected an enema to stage out a suicide. While the other men scattered across her house in order to find her diary. Later on Eunice had found Marilyn’s dead

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