Why Was The Mongol Conquest Of China A Turning Point In World History

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A) The rise of the Mongol Empire (1206–1368) was a major turning point in world history. Although the Mongol conquest of China took approximately 79 years, the world was dramatically altered after the Mongols took control of China. Before the Mongol conquest, China worked earnestly as they expanded their land however they constantly faced the problem of how to control newly-conquered lands and peoples. Due to the Chinese expansion without a set government, China was constantly in a warring state as the Chinese tried to control their newly-conquered land while keeping control in the mainland and kingdom. These struggles are the reason why China was not always completely united under the Song dynasty. The Mongol conquest of China was …show more content…

The Mongols were also able to make extremely strong weapons with the great and strong stones and metals that were available to them in their homeland. One of the most well-known weapons that the Mongols used was the bow and arrow. Archery granted the Mongols great advantage over their enemies. Mounted upon their swift steeds, Mongol soldiers were able to shoot their enemies from afar before fleeing quickly. Mongols were known to have great training and discipline from very young ages. Not only boys, but girls too, were trained combat. The Mongol armies were not only known for their amazing combat but also their creative military tactics; it was often that the Mongols utilized shock tactics against their enemies. Fake withdrawals, surprise attacks, psychological warfare, and even hostage-taking and human shields were classic Mongol moves. The fact that the Mongols revolutionized military and combat methods is only a testament to the impact they had on the world as a whole. The rise of the Mongol Empire did not only mark a turning point in warfare and military, but made a mark as a turning point in world history collectively.

B) The rise of the Mongol Empire (1206–1368) was not a major turning point in world history. One piece of evidence that undermines the argument that the rise of the empire was a major turning point in world history is the fact that the rise of the Mongol Empire led to the

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