Why We Are Good By Nature And That By Being Good And Having Virtue We Can Achieve Happiness

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What is the one thing that everyone is looking for in life? Are we not all looking for a way to find happiness? What do you think of when you think of our human nature? At first glance you may think that as a whole we humans are worse than we are good. We are often drawn to things that are bad for us but are we really bad but are we really happy and can they make us happy? In this paper we will go over why we are actually good by nature and that by being good and having virtue we can achieve happiness. If we want to be happy we will learn that justice will win out in the end.
As humans, we are good by nature. We are not born just to do bad things. “Evil is a property of our actions when we pervert the beneficial purpose of things, but the things themselves are good” (Tiel, Pg 27). Instead of looking at everyone as a whole it will be easier to look at the individual and then relate that to everyone in the group so that it is easier to relate to. Everything we do is good it is just our intentions that can turn what we do evil. If we decide to do something for our own gain that ends up hurting someone else this is bad even though the action by itself would be harmless.
Many people many not agree with this. There are many things that are done every day that could be considered evil and it make the person happy. This is because we are not looking at the actions in the right way. These actions are done for pleasure not for happiness. “Consider further that some pleasures are
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