Why We Need Immigration Reform

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Why we need immigration reform Immigration is important to America and so is Immigration reform. The laws we have in place are unfair and unsuccessful to all of us. In order to progress we need to look at our country’s past to advance in our future. Our economy and society can learn and advance with immigration reform. Our laws on Immigration need an upgrade and most politicians would agree that we need immigration reform also. Immigration reform is the renewal of our immigration laws, but little progress has been made to make this a reality. Obama has made several actions to hopefully allow immigrants to have a chance to become citizens, but no new laws have been put into action. Presidential candidates are speaking a lot…show more content…
A common argument is that most Americans are being hypocritical because nearly all Americans are descendants of immigrants. Our ancestors came to America for a better life and our modern immigrants come to America for the same reason. Overall it seems that country founded on immigrants should except them not exclude them. Without immigration America wouldn’t be America. Immigration is an important part of the world, it affects our lives today. Our country was founded on immigration and it’s an important subject. Our past can guide us through changes in America 's immigration reform. The history of immigration runs strong in the U.S because almost all of us are descendants of immigrants. The first major waves of immigrants came around the colonial era, seeking a new life. These colonial era immigrants came to America for economic reasons mostly, or greater opportunities. Though most of these colonial immigrants lived in poverty, working as servants, similar to modern immigrants. First major immigration act was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. The act banned all Chinese laborers to come to America. The act was mostly for those on the west coast, due to the thought that Chinese were decreasing wages. The act suspended Chinese immigration for ten years and then for another ten years after that. Racism played a part in the motives to remove the Chinese immigrant also. The immigration and nationality act was meant to allow refugees into America. “The
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