Why Were The Crusades?

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JUNE 29, 2015 Why Were the Crusades Started Most have heard of the crusades of the middle-ages or at least heard of some famous people such as Pope Urban II, Richard the Lionheart or others. Whether you see the crusades as events that tried to promote Christian values in a pagan territory or of you see the crusades as chivalrous knights fight for a valiant cause one will still need a good understanding why the crusades began and what was the outcome the crusades. There were a number of Christian Crusades during the time period of 1095 A.D. to 1291 A.D. and it is the intentions of this paper to provide the reader with …show more content…

Crusades were characterized by the taking of vows and the granting of indulgences to those who participated. Like going on pilgrimage, to which they were often likened, crusading was an act of Christian love and piety that compensated for and paid the penalties earned by sin. It marked a break in earlier Christian medieval conceptions of warfare in that crusades were penitential warfare. Crusades combined the ideas of: a) Holy War and b) and Pilgrimage to produce the concept of "indulgence" (remission of penance and/or sin granted by papacy for participation in sacred activity). From the information provided above one can determine that the Christian Crusades were a series of invasions that took place that by various Europeans of the time; the young, old, poor and the infamous knight that has be so romanticize throughout history. The Christian Crusades that people can watch in a movie today does not accurately portray the bloody brutality of what really happen during the Christian Crusades, but why did the Christian Crusades take place? The political aspect of why the Christian Crusades started can be pretty complicated depending on how one understands the history of Christianity and the history of the

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