Why Women Still Can 't Have It All

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Rough Draft Many people have different perspectives about who can have it all. In “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” Anne-Marie Slaughter makes a point in her essay which is that you cannot have it all. However, in “Why Men Still Can’t Have It All,” Richard Dorment responds to her essay with a different opinion, and he makes arguments to prove his opinion about this topic. To understand his opinion, we are going to look at his points, how did he make the points, and my personal opinion on his argument. First of all, Dorment makes many points in his essay responding to Slaughter essay. He starts by trying to show that men and women have equal opportunities. Also, there is not gender advantageous in 2013. He also claims that men and women have roughly the same number of workload hours weekly including the hours of work at home and outside the house. Dorment claims that men get involved and help with the house work more than men 30 years ago. He also says that sometimes men do not help with the house work because they spend more hours in their jobs than women do. In addition, he thinks that men do not as much as women do in the house work since there is the expectation that women would do the majority of the house work. Also, sometimes women do not like the way that men do the house work because it is different from the way the women do it which make them think it is the wrong way. Dorment makes another point which is that men nowadays have better relationships with their
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