Why You Are Too Much Of A Risk Taker

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You Are Too Much Of A Risk Taker

The people who always bet on the outsiders tend to be the ones that lose. Making risky investments is a great way to make a lot of money very quickly if you happen to be incredibly lucky. Otherwise, risk takers tend to lose it all and come away with nothing.

You Are Too Risk-Reactive/ Loss-Reactive

This is the most toxic investor flaw. It is the sort of person that sells their shares when the company hits a bump in the road or their share prices drop sharply for no reason.

Movers And Shakers--But Mostly Movers

They are the type of investors that are always moving their money trying to catch the next company that is on the upswing. What they usually end up doing is losing because they sell their shares too early and are not willing to wait and let their money grow.

Learn Lessons First And Then Buy Shares

Many investors buy shares and then learn lessons. Here you are learning lessons before investing…doesn’t that seem like a better idea?

Here Are The Basics - The Bit Most People Skip

When you were learning to drive, you were taught all the basics about mirrors and reversing whilst keeping one foot from the curb. Now that you are a driver, do you follow every single rule you were taught to the letter? Or, do you forget to look in your wing mirror before you overtake stationary vehicle? Do you always check your back mirror before you brake? Do you check your gear stick and handbrake before you start every journey? Most people…

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