Why You Should Outlaw Credit And Debit Cards

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The Best Way to Kick-Start Your Money Resolutions For the New Year

As the new year rolls around many of us decide to enrich our lives in numerous ways. As many of us venture towards a life of salads and gym memberships, we tend to forget about our fiscal resolutions. Dieting can be quite an expensive lifestyle change. Luckily there 's a diet out there that can kick-start your money resolutions!

Why You Should Outlaw Credit and Debit Cards
We are lucky to live in a society with easy and secure access to our money through the use of credit and debit cards. We 're even given register books to manage the amount of money that goes in and out of our accounts on a daily basis. However, most people are forgoing the hour long process of jotting down every receipt in their wallet in favor of online transaction summaries that most banks provide. Debit and Credit cards are great things, don 't get me wrong. But, let 's be honest, it 's a lot easier to lose track of how much money you spend when you can 't visually see a wad of money slowly disappearing inside your wallet. Losing the credit and debit card is the perfect way to kick-start your money resolutions.

Here is a list of several reasons that switching to cash can help kick-start your money resolutions
You can actually see how much money you spend if you use cash
You can 't go into debt or procure pesky overdraft fees
You can learn how to budget better (you can 't spend cash that 's not there)
Using cash instead of card can

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