Why do Ultra-Conservatives Believe What They Believe? Essay

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Why is it that most ultra-conservatives (typically Southern states) cling to the idea that our second amendment is being violated when it is in fact NOT being violated? Why do most conservatives honestly believe that Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton are the Anti-Christ? Why do most ultra-conservatives believe that "Trickle Down Economics" works? When in fact even during recessions the rich people are still richer than ever? Why do Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity truly believe that they are in fact experts on global warming or climate change? It's snowing outside in GA and TN! Therefore, global warming must not exist! Yes, that's the most intelligent and forensic analysis I have ever heard in my life. Give me a f*cking break. What …show more content…

The population they target are conservatives that are also the same next door neighbors that have a lot of difficulty paying their bills, but believe that wanting affordable health care is truly un-American. And God forbid that Michelle Obama go on television and try to promote healthy eating in children. Most of the GOP believes this to be Communist/Socialist propaganda.

In this day and age, the level of intolerance and fear mongering in "ultra-conservative America" is at an all time high and it reeks not only of idiocy and ignorance, but also of hate. Leaders of a pack of conservative "loonies" who commence rapid fire of unsubstantiated fears and conspiracies on television and radio are people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Michelle Malkin. Among the faithful listeners/viewers are ultra-conservative politicians who bask in their own opportunities to rile up the conservative population while at the same time, they are promoting their own personal agenda of only being recognized as a "Savior" of conservative-America. You notice that most of the ignorant population always has a knee jerk reaction to the "gospel" that these conservative media personalities put out?

During a debate arguing the constitutionality of banning civilians from purchasing assault rifles, Ted Cruz purposely made false statements about the

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