Why is Dieting so Difficult?

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People find dieting impossible. It shouldn't be so hard.

The Internet and the media provide better access to health and diet advice than ever before. There is a gym on every corner, health-conscious lifestyles are more common than ever, and organic foods are in every grocery store, yet waistlines continue expanding. Smartphone apps that track weight and calorie intake are downloaded then forgotten after their users see no progress. The few people that are able to significantly lose weight are heralded on the front page of news outlets. Reality television shows zoom in on the struggle and anguish of dieters. Successful dieting does not have to be so hard. It shouldn't be such a big deal. This is where the Meta-Switch weight-loss system comes in.

Health Dangers

The last thing you need is to be told--again--how dangerous extra weight can be. You know all about the meteoric rise in obesity. Your doctor has already informed you of the health risks. He or she probably used hard-to-forget words like "heart failure," and "diabetes." Let’s not go over it again.

"Have you tried this new diet? I saw it on an infomercial."

Popular diets change more often than the oil in your car. Smart dieters are able to recognize the sad irony. It doesn't mean they don't get sucked in from time to time. Dieters care deeply about their personal health, and many of the new fads sound quite promising at first. Inevitably, the scenario plays out like expected. You lose weight initially and start to

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