Why the French Revolution Took Place Essay

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The French Revolution was a period in history of France covering the years 1789-1799, in which the monarchy was overthrown by the people that were dissatisfied with how the king and queen was running the country. According to The War Times Journal, “The era itself can be split into two periods; The French Revolution, and the Napoleonic Empire. The Revolution and ensuing republic saw the toppling of the old French monarchy and its replacement by a series of sporadically violent civilian administrations. At the peak of the violent period, known as "The Terror," the former king and queen were cruelly put to death. This act galvanized the other nations of Europe against France, and guaranteed that no matter what improvements might be made …show more content…

The best results of the French Revolution were probably achieved in 1789-91, when land was freed from customary burdens and the old society was destroyed. In Christopher Hibbett’s book, The Days of the French Revolution(pgs. 30-31) he talks about “the poverty of many and the grievences of nearly all French peasants were much aggravated by their liability, and also how that even though the priest were poor the church was rich and powerful. They paid no taxes, voluntarily contributing instead a grant to the state every five years, and as the amount of this grant was decided in the quinquennial church assemblies, the clergy was able to exercise a considerable influence over the policies of the government.” Napoleon played a role in the revolution because he came in and helped France get on their feet and brought in a new government. In eyes up unto his death saw himself as the man who completed the revolution. In the end due to the revolution France was able to come out of its bankruptcy with the formation of the Bank of France, taxes were fairer and used for the good of the public, money was used to build parks, libraries, and etc. A strong and effective government was installed. Democracy was achieved; education was important and usually free. It became a strong and feared country. In conclusion, the French Revolution began due to the fact the poor was unhappy with the monarchy so they sought out to over throw them and on January

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