Wide Awake: Katy Perry Essay

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The world will crumble because of the illuminati. It may be dramatic, but the Illuminati attack simple minds through mass media. As a result, the evil conspiracy makes the worlds entertainment look wicked. Katy Perry’s, a successful pop artist in this country and around the world, popularity skyrocketed with her danceable music and bold approach. According to (2013), her hit song “E.T.” made many believe Katy Perry “sold her soul to the devil” or the illuminati to reach prominence. In other words, Katy Perry joined the Illuminati and her music video ‘E.T.” gives proof of her joining the “dark side.” Almost anybody who enjoys hearing conspiracy or rumors knows the Illuminati and its problems surrounding what they …show more content…

She enlightened that the song consist of important reality of breaking up and moving on with life; does not mean she broke up with her husband right? She wants you to think in that naïve approach. The album titled “Katy Perry: Part of Me” clearly symbolizes her songs have significance to her. Why would Katy Perry want the public to believe her husband gave significance to the song if she gotten over him a while ago? According to (2013), the answer to that question resides in hiding the notion of how she went forth with “the Illuminati” and broke free from this conspiracy hold.
Synopsis and Meaning of the Music Video
The music video begins with Katy Perry finishing her other hit video "California Gurls,” and she happily but discouragingly went to her dressing room. In the scene, it is noticeable that fame comes easy to her. To make clear, the fame of what “the Illuminati” brought her became second nature. To illustrate, Katy Perry asked a worker that leads her to the room “Do you think this is going to be a hit?” the worker responds “For sure”, and she states, “Yeah, I have that feeling.” What feeling does Katy Perry feel: a hunch? She obviously knows something that nobody else knows. To explain, Katy Perry knows success will come to her because of the commitment she made with “the Illuminati”. The deal she made guarantees success for

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