Wilbert the Wolf Essay

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Once there was a wolf named Wilbert. He was the largest, most terrifying wolf around but of course his name had to be Wilbert, not something intimidating like Bruce or Santino, but wimpy little Wilbert. But that wasn’t the worst of it, his parent’s decided to give him a full name, a first, two middle, and a last, and that name was Wilbert Oliver Laymek Fabi-ano, or WOLF as all of his friends called him, well they would if he had any friends, he tends to eat them all. YUMMY....... Everyone in the pack knew that Wilbert was a trouble maker ever since the time that they caught him trying to blow down poor little innocent pigs houses. But as time went on his so called “thug life” started to increase and his street cred went up dramatically. On …show more content…

Others say he was a mad scientist trying to rule over humanity by trying to make a muffin army. Wilbert was so determined to find the muffin that he went after 100 pic-a-nic baskets (said like Yogi Bear) every day, but as time grew on, he lost the will to search and only tried to steal a muffin once a day. Humans and wolves forgot about him, no one knew who he was, and his name changed from “The Muffin Man” to “The Lone Wolf”. His thug life no longer existed, he had no more street cred, no more friends, and not because he ate them. Wilbert Oliver Laymek Fabi-ano was a lonely lonely wolf. So he decided to carry on with his horrible life and only search for a muffin once a year. I bet your wondering what it is that Wilbert did with his life, well I’ll tell you, right after a short word from our sponsors. “What? Ehh what on earth is going on here? Umm hello, this is a narration of a story, not a TV show! Whose idea was this? Hello? HEY MORON, BRING THE DANG NARRIATION BACK!!!!!............”So Wilbert did what any “Thank you, Shut up and carry on”..n-normal wolf would do “WAIT WHAT IS HAPPENING” “I DON’T KNOW” “OH MY GOD” “WHAT?” “It appears that we are experiencing some technical difficulties so will be back as soon as we can” Well I know what your all thinking, that was a complete waste of time in a story about a wolf, but what I forgot to tell you was that that was a clip of

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