Wild Plums Essay

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In today’s society people are judged primarily on their looks and the amount of money that they have. As we take a look into the short story, “Wild Plums”, one can agree that the primary purpose of this short story is to illustrate how people believe they are inferior to others because of the way they look or act. The main family in the story thinks they are too good to go pick wild plums with the slumps and they think they are too good to be around them.
When the little girl talks about visiting the Slump’s at their home, she says that they didn’t use chairs but rather sat on the floor or on boxes. When they describe how the slumps lived it always sounds mediocre to the way they their family lives.
The second time I knew about the
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The mother and father were also surprised when they learned that Mrs. Guare, the schoolteacher, would go with the Slumps to gather wild plums. The little girl knew gathering wild plums was not a nice thing to do but didn’t know why.
The Slumps would come by and offer to take the children and the parents to go plummin, but the parents always refused to go.
“All you tins pile in,” Mrs. Slump called to us. “Were goin’ plummin’ on the Niniscaw and stay all night. The youngins can go wadin’. There ain’t no work drivin’ you this time a’ year, so just pile in. We got beddin’ for everybody.” Mr. Slump sat looking at the horses’ ears. Whenever Mrs. Slump stopped talking he would say,” I tole you they’all wouldn’t go, but you would stop,” and Mrs. Slump would answer,” There now, Paw, you hush!”

They wouldn’t even let their daughter go along if the parents weren’t with them. The parents must have thought the Slumps were just awful people who couldn’t take care of anyone.
At the end of the story the Slumps go riding by with their buggy halfway filled with wild plums and kids began to throw them at the little girl in the road. The mother refused to let her eat them and scolded her for picking them up, then allowed her to eat them after they were washed thoroughly. The mother finally realized that her daughter was too young to know better and
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