Wildfires And How Do They Start Essay

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What are wildfires and how do they start
Forest wildfire burn in the U.S. is projected to increase by over 50% by 2050

Wildfires emit huge amounts of carbon dioxide, increasing the rate of global warming. That warming then increases the number and severity of wildfires.

"We may be underestimating how much carbon future fires will contribute to the atmosphere.

The biggest concern I have is that it is possible that we are underestimating the positive feedback of fire to the climate system and affecting future climate."

Percentage increase in wildfires are burned western united states, 2050
This map shows the percent increase in expected wildfire burn areas. Rising temperatures and increased evaporation from global warming are expected to increase the risk of fire. The western United States is one of the region’s most at risk for increased wildfire burns.

2020 Wildfires - Global Warming
2020. Global warming projected to cost New Mexico $488 million in wildfire-related costs in 2020 if greenhouse gases are not reduced. “If nothing is done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, New Mexico could experience some $3.2 billion in associated costs -- led primarily by wildfires and health-care. This could translate to an individual tab of about 8 percent of annual household income by 2020 by. New Mexico will face more frequent wildfires amid prolonged heat waves, significant reductions in precipitation except for northern regions where increases are anticipated and

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