William Barrett Travis and the Impact of His Letter Victory or Death

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William Barret Travis a hero of the Texas revolution impacted the American people with his meaningful letter requesting aid. Travis wrote a very inspirational letter addressed not only to the people of Texas but also to all the Americans in the world. Which impacted the way American’s view patriotism and cherish their liberty and their beliefs. Travis was born in 1809, and died in battle defending the fort known as the Alamo against overwhelming Mexican forces in 1836. He was the oldest out of his 11 brothers and sisters. His parents were Mark Stallworth and Jemima Stallworth. Travis officially became a lieutenant colonel in January 1836. On that same year the governor Henry Smith ordered for Travis and 100 reinforcements to arrive at San …show more content…

Travis drew out his sword and drew a line. For those who wanted to stay and defend the Alamo as strong serving men had to cross the line. All 200 men crossed the line but one. The 200 men that chose to stay at the Alamo was mainly because of the letter that Travis sent out for support and therefore, the soldiers stayed and fought for liberty. A native of France that was a veteran of the Napoleonic wars known as Louis Mosses Rose, the soldier did not see a reason for him to stay and die for something Rose did not believe in. This soldier did not care for the letter that Travis sent out nor the liberty of Texas; however, the letter did impact the soldiers. It motivated the soldiers to fight with passion. The soldiers grew hope and patriotism, regardless that all 200 men were free to leave but yet staid at Travis’s side to fight for liberty. Even though Travis did not succeed due to the overwhelming number of Santa Ana’s army which Travis and the troops paid with their lives Travis’s letter did however struck a core in many of the volunteers and the US army, which Sam Houston led to victory over Santa Anna in April 21 1836, in the Battle of San Jacinto. Travis’s letter had a vast impact that shaped the destiny of America and the world with the defeat of Santa Anna since the Republic of Texas

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