Essay William Blake: Visionary Artist and Poet

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William Blake

The sight of an angel made William Blake the most celebrated poet of his time, it influenced in his poems and painting, which it became gothic to people and made him a spiritual person. William Blake was born over his father hosiery shop at 28 Broad Street, Golden Square, London in Nov. 28,1757. His father was James Blake a hosier, and his mother Catherine Wright Armitage Blake. ( William Blake, being mostly educated at home learned how to read and write by his mother and later on went to school. His parents watch that he was different from others and they didn’t push him to attend to school, the main reason why his mother decided to instruct him. “They did observe that he was different from his …show more content…

A couple years later, he fell in love with Catherine Bourcher, same year later on August 18, 1782 she become his wife “Instantly recognized her future partner” when she first saw Blake enter the room…” (Bloom page 45) Blake taught her how to read and write, “ … I learned to read and write, thanks to Blake.” ( She collaborated with her husband to print the Illuminated Poetry “ She helped him to print the illuminated poetry for which he is remembered today.” ( The couple had no children, but their love last forever. “ Their union last forty-five years until Blake’s death.” (Bloom page 46) In 1784, William and his friend, James Barry set up a print shop, but the print shop did not last longer. Blake began training his younger brother, Robert in the skill of drawing and reading, it didn’t last longer either. One of the most traumatic events of William Blake’s life occurred in 1787, when his beloved brother died from tuberculosis at age 24, William said, “ When Robert was 19, Blake saw his brother spirit go to heaven.” Blake said, that his brother visited him in one of his dreams and showed him the painting method he should use in his paintings, in which was used in Songs of Innocence, for what Blake is remembered today. “Robert’s spirit continued to visit him and later claimed that in a dream Robert taught him the painting method that he used in Songs of Innocence and other “illuminated” works.”

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