Essay William Carlos Williams and His Imagist Poetry

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William Carlos Williams and His Imagist Poetry

Modernism and Imagism, two movements in literature ,which were developed in the
20th century .At the beginning of the decade ,modernism was a revolution of style .Crime, depression, and materialism filled this era. Musician, artists,and writers broke away from technique to create a new art.Also, imagism brought fragmental and chaotic life where nobody felt secure and happy.After that,modernism was related with decent and realistic art form.The modernist artists like Edwin Dickinson and a painter Arthur Dove looked for an object of inspiration ,individual vision and the value of immediate
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According to
Encyclopedia of World Biography ‘’ about her interest in art, which became ,as he says, his own’’ and we could read from the same reference ‘’it was his mother who shaped the man himself and the verse he actually created’’. At the first time, William became fascinated by visual art and was concerned in shapes and objects while he was observing his mother during a little painting or ‘’an outdoor study of a twig of yellow and red crab-apples from a nail’’(3). Williams was not only fascinated for painting but also for poetry and prose where his experience abroad and got to know Ezra Pound and Charles Demuth to help him find his own style of writing. As a schoolboy he spent two years in Switzerland and Paris and during his medical studies he visited Germany, Great Britain, and other European countries. When William was in Paris , he developed a part of his imagination by simple activity and observation. However, Europe was the kind of artistic movement and of new thoughts which gave him entrance to gain experience in modern art. While being in college , William found
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