William Faulker And Cry, The Beloved Country, By Alan Paton

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There are many comparable aspects between the two novels As I Lay Dying, by William Faulker and Cry, the Beloved Country, by Alan Paton. One comparable aspect that can be found in both novels is the many similar themes explored throughout both novels. Many of these themes are prominent throughout literature. When comparing identical themes from two diverse authors, one can understand and appreciate these differences and similarities. Although these themes are commonly discussed, Paton and Faulkner have distinct methods in which the messages in these themes are expressed. Faulkner’s use of expressive visual language, symbolism, different narrators, and motifs bring these themes to life in a very dark manor, which is one reason he is studied by many today. Paton also uses symbolism to discuss these themes, but expresses a different, more intimate tone in this novel than Faulkner projects in his. Although there are many themes to compare between these novels, the most prominent are sickness, religion, family, and race, as well as comparing the authors’ stylistic approaches. Sickness and suffering is a comparable theme in the two novels. Even in the titles of both novels, this theme is evident. In addition to the title, Faulkner continues on this theme of sickness and suffering and progresses the theme by introducing the theme of death and life. While death is the result of Addie’s sickness and suffering, the morbid scenes described through symbolism throughout the book prompt

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