William Faulkner Symbolism Analysis

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The south was once the land of America’s kings and queens. Dresses were large, parties were larger, and mansions larger still. The Great Depression made this lavish life style nearly impossible to maintain, but the south held tight to their traditions and strict hierarchy. William Faulkner symbolizes a struggle to cling to the dying past and the traditions of the old south through the attitudes and actions of the people of Jefferson Country, in particular, Emily Grierson; age, disuse, and decay are prevalent motifs used to elaborate on Faulkner’s symbolism. The Grierson house is a monument to the elegance of the Old South; the only monument remaining in Jefferson County. “Only Miss Emily’s house was left, lifting its stubborn and …show more content…

His motive for this is not entirely clear, perhaps he did not consider anyone of a high enough status to be with his daughter or his reasons could have been more selfish than that. When Emily loses her father, she isolates herself, refusing any visitors or help from anyone but her manservant. The town leaves her alone out of respect, furthering her alienation from the rest of the world. Had her father been less strict or the people of Jefferson tried harder to visit, maybe Emily would have been able to escape her moment in time. It was her noble status that secluded her. The only person who ever could breech the walls of her isolation was homer Barron. The Yankee Homer Barron symbolizes the new and progressive ideals of the north. The people of Jefferson County aren’t sure what to think of him. On one hand, he threatens the very traditions and customs they hold so dear, but he is affable and doing the town a much-needed service. He courtship with Emily, the symbol of the Old South, causes a scandal. The people pity Emily, she is well past courting age, lonely, and unmarried, but they don’t really want this new-age foreign man to whisk the last remaining Grierson away from the small town. His status has a lot to do with the controversy. He isn’t an old and revered Southern name; he isn’t even from the south. They aren’t surprised when Homer Barron disappears. Perhaps is they treated Emily and her home

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