William Shakespeare 's Antigone - Hubris And Drama Essay

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Olivia Seeney
ENGL 330 Studies in World Literature
Hubris and Drama in Antigone Hubris may be categorized as two things. As a part of the Greek theater hubris qualifies as being “the intentional use of violence to humiliate or degrade (Luebering).” However, a more modern qualification defines hubris as “exaggerated pride or self-confidence (Hubris).” Throughout Antigone both of these different characterizations of the word hubris can be found in specific events and characters. Being a Greek tragedy, it is evident that the concept of hubris plays a very important role in the development of characters and provides the reasoning for why each person does what they do. Much of the drama in this play is born from either excessive pride or from the unnecessary violence against sacred rituals or those who perform them. However, it is also possible to notice characters who fall outside of this hubris and rather choose to fight against it. By going against this traditional Greek dramatic element these characters highlight the injustices that are being displayed by those they are going against. Overall, the impact that hubris has had on this tragedy and on the culture as whole affects how each of the characters either use hubris to advance both themselves and their goals, or choose to fight against it for the good of those around them. The incorporation of hubris into Antigone can be visualized specifically by examining two characters in particular. The first character is

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