William Shakespeare 's Influence On The Sound And The Fury

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Stephanie Pendergrass
July 22, 2014

Shakespeare’s Influence on The Sound and the Fury
As all writers do, Faulkner had many literary influences that can be seen in his writing. Faulkner once said, “I think everything a writer reads influences his work. He is completely immoral, he has no hesitancy whatever about taking what he wants from any source he wants” (Faulkner, “Blotner and Gwynn’s Classes, tape 2”). A major influence on Faulkner’s work is Shakespeare, especially on The Sound and the Fury. Faulkner used his love of Shakespeare to enable him to write a novel that took some of Shakespeare’s groundbreaking thoughts, ideas, and writing styles and use them to create something innovative and different. It is clear that Shakespeare was a sizeable influence on Faulkner’s writing. From his youth he read and recited Shakespeare and he has talked about a copy of Shakespeare’s work that he takes with him everywhere. He also took a class on Shakespeare at Ole Miss in 1919 (Chesney, 148). A writer is influenced by the things he observes, the books he reads and the people he meets. Because Faulkner grew up reading Shakespeare, it makes sense that he would influence Faulkner’s work. For Faulkner, many works of literature that influenced his writing can be found as allusions in his work and Shakespeare’s plays are no exception. “Despite alluding to Macbeth rather than Hamlet, Faulkner clearly intends us to read with a literal eye on his novel and his South and a

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