William Shakespeare 's King Lear

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Jerion Young Ms. Woods English IV 4 March 2015 King Lear William Shakespeare uses several literary elements in his writing, elements which are especially apparent in his play, King Lear. Shakespeare uses excellent creativity and description when writing this tragedy. “Neither has Shakespeare placed in the mouth of any other character in this play such fatalistic expressions as may be found in King Lear and occasionally elsewhere”(A.C. 2003). The way King Lear talks in this play is very evil compared to shakespeare’s other works. “In neither play, as in Othello and King Lear, is painful pathos one of the main effects”(A.C. 2003). Shakespeare’s main effect in many of his plays was a painful pathos or pity. Shakespeare avoided overloading in some of his other plays (A.C. 2003). King Lear is thought to be overloaded with too many conflicts. King Lear is thought to be cold, dark, and gloomy (A.C. 2003). Events that happened in King Lear are generally evil. “Darkness, we may even say blackness, broads over this tragedy”(A.C. 2003). The play of King Lear is dark and saddening from start to finish. “Bradley was a major Shakespearean critic whose work culminated the method of character analysis initiated in the romantic era”(A.C. 2003). A.C. Bradley’s analytical critique of plays by Shakespeare pushed his popularity forward. The critic A.C. Bradley concentrated on Shakespeare as a dramatist, and particularly on his characters (A.C. 2003). Just like many other critics, Bradley looked

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