William Shakespeare 's Measure For Measure Essay

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In our society, interactions with others contains vital importance when examining the exercise of authority. Due to this, authority has been very challenging to embrace. An individual with arduous authority is often required to make decisions, and these decisions are created based on the conscience this person possesses. Constantly, the interpretation must be made whether these decisions stamp a title on these individuals, and this is where legitimacy or illegitimacy of the individual’s actions make an appearance. In the play Measure for Measure written by William Shakespeare, readers have the opportunity to witness this trial of holding authority. Angelo, one of the characters within the play, exemplifies the exercise of authority, and arguments can be created in relation to the sincerity of his actions. Many may argue that his use of authority seems illegitimate, but due to certain citations within this play, I strongly believe the contrary is true. Many situations within this particular play comprise the recognition characters obtain of his incomparable ability to enforce laws, and these can act as the establishment of proving the legitimacy he has as an authority figure. Also, particular characters offer blatant indications of knowing and acknowledging the laws of the land, which will result in the culmination of proving his legitimacy. Before presenting these examples, the definition of legitimacy must be clarified. In addition to this, I will also be offering a

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