William Shakespeare 's ' Othello '

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Kimone Gordon
OTHELLO : grit/mindset

“I do not believe that any writer has ever exposed this bovarysme, the human will to see things as they are not, more clearly than Shakespeare (T.S. Eliot)”. Shakespeare used psychological traits to bring his work to life. in the play Othello uses grit and mindset to show people can be deceiving, untrustworthy, foolish and manipulative. Othello reflects how we let our thoughts consume us and how we let darkness and failure drive us to deceive our true selves.

Grit is “sticking with things over the very long term until you master them (Hanford)”. In my own words grit is being able to follow …show more content…

From winning wars to being a slave. He was humble, honest and kind. Othello shows signs of having a fixed mindset when he let Iago 's thoughts become his own. This proved that “intelligence is malleable (Duckworth & Eskreis-Winkler)”. He hardly fought for his wife 's honorable kindness. Instead he mistrusted her without evidence and then demanded evidence after already accusing her. The smallest piece of “evidence” sent him over the edge that he killed his wife in cold blood. At first he lacked remorse until he found out he was just a pawn in Iago 's game.

Iago is very gritty but has a fixed mindset. Iago contrived up a plan to hurt everyone but help himself. In the grit test “the goal is to identify and measure the various skills other than intelligence that contribute to human development and success (Hanford)”. In Iago 's case it’s manipulation and persuasion. Iago wanted to be lieutenant but Cassio got the job. Iago felt Cassio was inexperienced and that he was the one truly deserving of the job. He planned to use his superior’s, Othello, trusting personality against him to manipulate him. Iago doesn 't like Othello and was dogged to hurt him because he heard a rumor that he slept with his wife. In his plan, Iago wanted to have Roderigo seduce Desdemona in order to make a fool out of her husband. That wasn 't working so he planned to stir up conflict in Othello 's marriage by telling him that his wife and

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